About Us

Respecting the Dignity of Women and building a new Culture of Life

Our Mission

Acadiana Ob/Gyn in Lafayette, Louisiana exists to serve the medical needs of women, couples, and their families while fully respecting the pro-life values characteristics of the Catholic heritage of the Acadiana region and surrounding areas.  To this end we strive to provide the best women’s health care possible while fully utilizing the most advanced cutting-edge technology available.  We have found that contrary to contemporary beliefs, Christian ethical standards promote the very best in women’s reproductive health care.

Code of Ethics

In order to best fulfill our motto of Respecting the Dignity of Women and building a new Culture of life, we pledge to the following:

  1. We will provide or promote treatments that seek to cooperate with or restore normal or optimal functioning of the human reproductive system.
  2. We will avoid all treatments that seek directly to suppress, circumvent, or destroy functioning of the human reproductive system.
  3. We will demonstrate a respect for the value and integrity of the human person from his or her beginning at conception* as a new single cell human being through natural death.

*Please note that various entities, especially those promoting abortion, abortifacients, IVF, and embryo-destructive research, have attempted to redefine the term “conception” and “the beginning of pregnancy” to mean the event of implantation of the human embryo in the uterine lining.  Because of such intentional confusion and obfuscation regarding the word “conception” and the true beginning of pregnancy, some ethicists and theologians prefer to use the word “fertilization” to describe the same event that has long been defined as “conception,” properly understood (the beginning of a unique human beings life as a new cell resulting from the union of sperm and egg).  We however, prefer to use what we consider the more personal, dignified, and literally accurate term–conception, again properly understood to mean that event wherein a new human being is created as one new cell upon union of the male and female gametes.

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